From our new Ministry Area Leader:

To the congregations of Llwchr Ministry Area,

I have been asked by our Area dean, the Rev Canon Peter Brooks, to circulate a letter to all our churches laying out the next tentative stages with regards to our Ministry Area.

Firstly, I take it as a great honour to be appointed as the new Ministry Area leader, succeeding  the Rev Canon Dr Ian Davies, who served us all with great wisdom and pastoral care; it now falls to me to build on the sure foundation he put in place.

In “The Church Times” over the last few months there have been a number of advertisements in the ‘situations vacant section for Ministry Area leaders, in our province, and further afield, each setting out a broad list of characteristics/abilities that are required for the post in question; the word ‘daunting’ comes to mind!  Two other words stood out for me, ‘collaborative’ and ‘communication’.  Here in Llwchr M.A we are blessed with a diverse and strong ministry team – both lay and ordained, who work alongside proactive congregations in seeking to proclaim the Good news of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

The next stage for us now is to form a Ministry Area Forum, made-up of individuals who share the Diocesan vision and are excited by the opportunities that lay before us, this group will need to work together to draw up plans for our short and long term, and then share these plans widely so everybody is aware of where we are going and how we intend to get there!

It is suggested that 2 members from each benefice, along with the clergy, be appointed to represent their respective churches, hopefully at our next annual  vestries.  It is of paramount importance that these individuals are focused on our joint future and are aware of the hopes and fears of their worshipping communities.

Personally, I am enthused by the possibilities  that will be coming our way, and my fervent prayer is that when this dreadful and scary pandemic has been controlled, and we are all allowed more freedom which we crave so much, we can then, with God’s direction and grace move forward together unified and filled with hope.

Alex Pye (Rev)