Gowerton Parish

Gowerton Parish has St John’s Church conveniently with a hall, car park and vicarage alongside.  It awaits news of its next step after the Vicar and NSM team, the Rev Ian and the Rev Mrs Helen Rees, moved to Swansea St Mary.


The Church in Wales website for the Parish is here:
(click here for the Church in Wales website page) and there is a Facebook group.

Regular Service pattern:
1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays
8am  Holy Eucharist
10am  Holy Eucharist & Sunday School (term Time)
6pm  Evensong led by Lay Worship Leaders
4th Sunday
8am  Holy Eucharist
10am  Family Service
6pm  Gateway Service
5th Sunday
9am  United Service and Breakfast
6pm  Evensong led by Lay Worship Leaders
10.30   Holy Eucharist